Once per year, a Statement of Information must be filed with the California Secretary of State for OpenFarm Inc. The state will send a Reminder Notice Postcard in the mail when it is time to file. When the postcard is received, complete the filing using the instructions below.

Step 1: Go to the website

Navigate to the website indicated on the postcard; most recently: bizfile.sos.ca.gov. Select File Online.

Then select to file a Corporation Statement of Information. (Even though OpenFarm is a non-profit, the legal entity is a corporation)

Step 2: Fill out the form

Search for OpenFarm Inc using the corporate number C3745796.

Select the corporation.

Fill out the form fields.

  • OpenFarm’s registered agent is LEGALINC REGISTERED AGENTS, INC. (C4249296).
  • Rory Aronson is the acting board member.

Pay for the filing using the OpenFarm debit card.

Step 3: Archive records

Save the filing confirmation as a PDF named 2020 OpenFarm Statement of Information (Form SI-100) and upload to the OpenFarm > Corporate > OpenFarm Statement of Information (Form SI-100) folder in Google Drive.