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Area covered by FarmBots

Last updated August 7, 2019

Product Line Version Qty Sold Area Covered/Unit (80%) Total Area Covered (80%)
All lines All versions 1,089   6,005 m2
Genesis All versions 896   3,226 m2
  v1.2 341 3.6 m2 1,228 m2
  v1.3 286 3.6 m2 1,030 m2
  v1.4 269 3.6 m2 968 m2
Genesis XL All versions ** 193**   2,779 m2
  v1.4 193 14.4 m2 2,779 m2

We are assuming the average installation covers 80% of the maximum area the device could cover.

KPI: Total area covered by FarmBots

An indicator of FarmBot technology’s impact is the total area covered by FarmBot installations. The more area our devices cover, the more food they will grow. Perhaps better indicators of impact would be the number of plants grown or yield, though we do not have data on this.