FarmBot Inc has the following social media accounts and other listings. Only some are actively maintained and updated regularly.

Platform Profile Update frequency Ads? DNS shortcut
AngelList farmbotio Rarely No  
Facebook Weekly via Later Yes
Hackaday FarmBot Open-Source CNC Farming Rarely No  
Instagram Weekly via Later Yes
LinkedIn farmbot-io Weekly via Later Yes
Pinterest getfarmbot Never No  
Reddit /r/farmbot Rarely No  
Twitter @farmbotio Weekly via Later No
Wikipedia FarmBot Never No  
YouTube farmbotio Occasionally No
TikTok Never No  


We use a tool called Later that allows us to queue up many social media posts ahead of time and automatically publish them across multiple platforms.

Posting guidelines

Use emoji :heart:

Emoji make posts more light-hearted, emotional, engaging, and fun. Our go-to emoji are the :seedling: (seedling) and 🤖 (robot face), which nicely represent “farm” and “bot”. But there are literally hundreds of others out there that can be used to spice up our posts. Strive to add 1 to 5 emoji per post, but don’t force it or overdo it. 🖖

#FarmBot :hash:

The main hashtag we use to promote our brand and community is #FarmBot, and we encourage community members to use it as well. Popular places for the community to use it are instagram and twitter. Try to include this hashtag in most if not all posts. It can either be used incorporated into text about #FarmBot, or just used at the end of the post. #FarmBot

Stay focused :dart:

Posts should focus on one subject matter so that they are concise and easy to digest. Rather than talking about, for example, a hardware tool and the forum and making a plug for the newsletter, split the post up into two or three posts and keep each one laser focused on one bite-sized piece of information.

Speak like a human :information_desk_person:

Even though we make and sell farming robots, we are humans behind the technology, company, and brand. Authenticity is the name of the game when it comes to social media and connecting with our fans and customers, so be casual, be cool, and write more-or-less how you might speak. Tips: avoid run-on sentences, short statements, and anything resembling RTFM.

Be original :art:

Nobody likes seeing the same content in their feeds all the time, so posts should be original or not posted at all. An exception to the rule is we can sparingly re-use content that has not been used in the last 6 months.

Furthermore, we should not use boiler-plate text that is copy/pasted to multiple posts. For example, do not copy/paste the same plug for the newsletter or the same strings of emoji onto the end of every post.

Include media :camera:

We should strive to include an original photo or other piece of media (screenshot, video, etc) in every post, either as the main content itself or to accompany text. However, there are exceptions. We should not include media if we don’t have anything that is high quality or relevant to the text.

Most posts should include a link to our website to either buy a FarmBot, learn more, or take some action (eg: go to our blog or a page on our site, read/comment on a forum thread, subscribe to our newsletter, etc). In general, we should not include more than one link in a post because that requires just a little too much attention for most people’s social media browsing habits, and most social platforms are optimized for highlighting only one link per post.

Use our short URLs :white_check_mark:

We have the following short URLs which should be used as much as possible. This is especially important for Instagram, where post links are not clickable and so the follower needs to manually type in the URL to their browser if they wish to follow the link.

URL Points to Use when directing people to… Homepage Our site to learn more, place an order, etc. Product collection of all FarmBot kits Purchase one of our full kits. All product collections (the full shop) Explore all of our products. Documentation super hub Our documentation efforts, in general. Genesis hardware documentation hub View the assembly instructions. Express hardware documentation hub View the assembly instructions. Software documentation hub Learn how to use the app. Developer documentation hub Learn about our stack, become a software contributor. Open educational resources See our OER content. Our corporate documentation hub Learn more about our open-source business model. FarmBot OS download wizard Download the latest OS. Genesis CAD page View/download/modify the Genesis CAD models. Genesis BOM page View Genesis tech specs or part cost/quantity. The web app Try out/view the web app. Our media kit Promote us (audience is a group of reporters, for example). Our newsletter signup page Subscribe to the email newsletter.