FarmBot is an exciting subject for journalists, podcasters, YouTubers, and more to cover. FarmBot is not only new technology that is still unheard of by many, it combines unique aspects not typically discussed in the technology, IoT, home automation, or agricultural sectors.

For example, FarmBot is 100% open-source, meaning all of the 3D CAD models, electronics schematics, and even the software source code is given away for free to empower end-users to make modifications, repairs, and truly own their tech. This stands in stark contrast with most conventional agriculture companies who relentlessly patent their hardware, software, data, genetics, and more.

Depending on your audience, you may wish to focus on one of the myriad ways FarmBot is used:

  • At home for self sufficiency, food sovereignty, sustainability, health, home automation.
  • At K-12 schools as a teaching tool for robotics, engineering, agriculture, nutrition, biology.
  • At universities as a research tool for growing methods, genetics, inputs, climate science.
  • Other uses such as restoration, serving people with disabilities, industrial automation.

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Please see this album of high quality photos for use in your coverage and/or promotional materials. Photos in the album include:

  • Installed FarmBots growing gardens
  • Detailed product shots of FarmBot hardware
  • Photos of customer installations from the FarmBot forum and other sources

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