The company blog is used to document major developments across the business including:

  • Hardware releases
  • Software updates
  • Press/media features
  • Documentation updates
  • New videos and other media

In general, most email newsletters and forum update announcements are syndicated to the blog.

The blog is accessible from the URL shortcut, which is the URL that should be used when linking to the blog from somewhere else.

Writing blog posts

Our blog is a part of our Shopify shop. To start a new blog post, navigate to or find the blogging section in the Shopify admin panel.

Blog images should generally be the largest size available, but not “Original” size. This will allow them to be high resolution on large screens while minimizing file size. The exception is small images which should not be shown larger than their natural size.

Blog posts should be tagged with a couple of relevant tags such as Software or FarmBot Genesis.

When publishing, make sure the blog post visibility is set to visible! After publishing, double check to ensure everything looks correct.