April, 2011 — Rory had the idea for FarmBot while taking an organic agriculture class at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

June, 2013 — Rory graduated from Cal Poly with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and began writing The FarmBot Whitepaper in his spare time.

September, 2013 — Rory published The FarmBot Whitepaper online as a free and open-source idea and sent out a call for help to further develop the idea.

October, 2013 — Rick Carlino and Tim Evers offer to help with web application and firmware development respectively.

January, 2014 — Rory is awarded a Shuttleworth Foundation Fellowship in the amount of $125,000 to continue development of FarmBot for 1 year. Over the next year and half, the team develops several iterations of FarmBot hardware and software, bringing the idea from concept to reality.

July, 2014 — Rory shares his vision for the future of food at TEDxUCLA.

October, 2015 — FarmBot plants seeds for the first time.

What’s next?