The following table illustrates the complexity of our kits.

FarmBot Version # Parts Est. Assembly Hours* Pre-asemblies
Genesis v1.2 1,105 20  
  v1.3 1,281 20  
  v1.4 1,284 18 Electronics box, UTM
  v1.5 936 18 Electronics box, UTM
  v1.6 1,037 17 Electronics box, UTM, tools
  v1.7 760 11 Major subassemblies
Genesis XL v1.4 1,415 25 Electronics box, UTM
  v1.5 1,115 25 Electronics box, UTM
  v1.6 1,171 24 Electronics box, UTM, tools
  v1.7 830 16 Major subassemblies
Express v1.0 391 9 Major subassemblies
  v1.1 454 9 Major subassemblies
Express XL v1.0 424 13 Major subassemblies
  v1.1 482 13 Major subassemblies

* Includes time to build a raised bed

With Genesis v1.4 kits we began pre-assembling parts for customers. This has allowed for a reduction in estimated assembly hours despite total part count increasing.

KPI: Estimated Assembly Time

In order for our hardware to be accessible to the most number of people, we must work to lower the estimated assembly time required by the customer.