All of our revenue comes from sales of hardware through our online shop, which is powered by Shopify. Here are some important links when working with the shop:

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In addition to selling full FarmBot kits, we sell various individual parts that can be used as replacements, extra parts to modify a full kit, or as key components in a DIY build.

Maintaining an inventory of essential replacement parts is necessary to support our customers and ensure that they can keep their FarmBots running for years to come.

However, starting in 2024 with the debut of the mostly pre-assembled and simplified FarmBot Genesis v1.7 kits as well as the cancelling of the FarmBot Express product line, we will be paring down much of our non-essential spare part inventory to reduce costs and complexity. Commodity items such as screws, which are readily available from many suppliers, will not be restocked once our current inventory is depleted.

Domestic vs international orders

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