January, 2017 — Sold out of v1.2 pre-orders and began accepting v1.3 pre-orders.

February, 2017 — Moved into a 1,200 square foot warehouse in San Luis Obispo and began shipping v1.2 kits to customers all over the world.

April, 2017 — Began production of 300 v1.3 kits.

July, 2017 — Held our first company retreat at the NASA Kennedy Space Center for a brainstorming event on innovative open-source approaches to food production.

October, 2017 — Open-sourced the v1.3 documentation and began shipping v1.3 kits to customers.

December, 2017 — Debuted our second product: FarmBot Genesis XL, and began accepting pre-orders for v1.4 hardware. With the introduction of Genesis XL, monthly revenue is doubled, surpassing $100k.

What’s next?